North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-08

County Consolidated Office Form of County Government

Section Section Name
11-08-01 Who may adopt county consolidated office form of government
11-08-02 Board of county commissioners to submit plan to electorate
11-08-02.1 Board of county commissioners may submit plan
11-08-03 Election ‑ Notice ‑ How conducted ‑ Canvass ‑ Return
11-08-04 Ballot ‑ Form
11-08-05 Vote required ‑ Effective date ‑ Procedure for discontinuance
11-08-06 Officers in county adopting consolidated office form of government
11-08-07 Appointive officers ‑ County commissioners, sheriff, and state's attorney elected ‑ Terms of office ‑ How vacancy filled
11-08-08 When appointment of officers made ‑ Qualification
11-08-09 Compensation of officers
11-08-10 Sheriff or state's attorney of adjoining county may run for election ‑ Term of office ‑ Compensation
11-08-11 Powers and duties of county auditor
11-08-12 Powers and duties of board of county commissioners
11-08-13 Powers and duties of other officers
11-08-14 Deputies and employees ‑ Appointment ‑ Compensation ‑ Terms
11-08-15 Removal of officers