North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-10

General Provisions

Section Section Name
11-10-01 County a corporate body ‑ Powers
11-10-02 Number and election of county officers
11-10-02.1 Employment of county surveyors
11-10-02.2 County supervisor of assessments ‑ Appointment
11-10-02.3 Appointment of state's attorney upon voter approval
11-10-03 Additional justices and constables for unorganized townships
11-10-04 Officer must be qualified elector ‑ Exceptions
11-10-04.1 Board members must reside in taxing district
11-10-05 When terms of county officers commence ‑ When officers qualify
11-10-05.1 When terms of county commissioners commence
11-10-06 Bonds of county officers
11-10-07 Bonds required in counties where offices consolidated
11-10-08 Bonds of county officers to be recorded
11-10-09 Oath of county officers
11-10-10 Salaries of elected county officers
11-10-10.1 Legislative intent in regard to county salaries
11-10-10.2 Salary of clerk of the district court
11-10-10.3 Salaries of county superintendents of schools for 1947, 1948, 1949, and 1950
11-10-10.4 Compensation and expenses of county commissioners for 1949, 1950, 1951, and 1952
11-10-10.5 County superintendent of schools ‑ Officer
11-10-11 Appointment and salary of deputies and clerks
11-10-12 Deputy county officials ‑ Bonds
11-10-13 Oath of deputies
11-10-14 Fees received by county officers turned over to county treasurer
11-10-15 Mileage of officials and employees
11-10-16 Statement to claim mileage
11-10-17 Officers to make settlement
11-10-18 Penalty for failure to render or settle accounts
11-10-19 Use of photography in making county records
11-10-19.1 Use of photography in making county records
11-10-20 Board of county commissioners to provide offices, courtroom, jail ‑ Where public records kept ‑ Authorization for central filing of documents of recorder and clerk of district court
11-10-21 Committee to purchase certain supplies for county
11-10-22 Unlawful for officer to purchase county warrant or evidence of debt ‑ Penalty
11-10-23 Fee bill to be posted ‑ Penalty
11-10-24 Authorization to organize associations of county governments
11-10-25 Nepotism by county officials restricted
11-10-26 Appeal after deposit for taking
11-10-27 Presumption of regular adoption, enactment, or amendment of resolution or ordinance
11-10-28 Newly elected or appointed county officials ‑ Training
11-10-29 Refund of taxes or fees ‑ Minimum amount
11-10-30 Acceptance of payment by credit card or other payment method