North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-11

Board of County Commissioners

Section Section Name
11-11-01 Number of county commissioners
11-11-02 Commissioner must be resident of district ‑ Exceptions
11-11-03 Term of office of commissioners
11-11-03.1 Commissioners' service on other boards ‑ Term
11-11-04 Specific provisions to be contained in bond of county commissioners
11-11-05 Meetings of board ‑ Time and place ‑ Pledge of allegiance
11-11-05.1 Joint meetings of boards of county commissioners for consideration of levies of taxing districts in multiple counties
11-11-06 Sessions of board to be public ‑ County matters heard at session only
11-11-07 Quorum ‑ Tie vote defers decision
11-11-08 Chairman ‑ Election ‑ Duties
11-11-09 County seal
11-11-10 Power of board to preserve order ‑ Fines ‑ Collection
11-11-11 General duties of board of county commissioners
11-11-12 Board of county commissioners to provide courts with supplies and attendants
11-11-13 Board to ascertain amount of satisfaction of tax lien money
11-11-14 Powers of board of county commissioners
11-11-15 Board may obtain copies of field notes and plats made by United States government
11-11-16 Board has power to erect, repair, and maintain buildings from current revenue
11-11-17 Board of county commissioners may supervise the building or repairing of roads, bridges, and property of the county ‑ Compensation
11-11-18 Board to submit extraordinary outlay to vote
11-11-19 When commissioners may purchase land without election
11-11-19.1 Lease purchase ‑ Building authority
11-11-20 Notice of election on question of extraordinary expenditure
11-11-21 Proposition to tax must accompany question submitted
11-11-22 Vote necessary ‑ How tax levied and collected
11-11-23 Record of vote ‑ Board cannot rescind
11-11-24 Limitation on tax levy for extraordinary expenditure
11-11-25 Money applied only to expenditure for which raised
11-11-25.1 Disposition of unexpended and unencumbered county taxes levied for a specific purpose
11-11-26 When board shall advertise for bids for fuel
11-11-27 Contents of fuel bids advertisement ‑ When bids may be opened ‑ Lowest bidder accepted
11-11-28 Bid must be accompanied by a bond ‑ When certified or cashier's check allowed
11-11-29 Contract ‑ Form ‑ Contents ‑ Majority vote necessary ‑ When payment made
11-11-30 When contracts for furnishing election supplies let
11-11-31 Construction of public buildings ‑ Bond of contractor
11-11-32 Commissioners may employ architect ‑ Compensation
11-11-33 Special funds may be transferred
11-11-34 Auditing building accounts of board of county commissioners
11-11-35 Board to keep records of proceedings
11-11-36 Order of business
11-11-37 Proceedings of board of county commissioners to be published in official newspaper ‑ When published
11-11-38 Proceedings of county commissioners ‑ Copies received as evidence
11-11-39 Appeal from decision of board by aggrieved person ‑ Bond ‑ Costs and fees payable
11-11-40 Appeal from decision of board by county by state's attorney on demand
11-11-41 Notice
11-11-42 When appeal filed ‑ When tried
11-11-43 Appeals docketed ‑ Procedure
11-11-44 District court may enter final judgment on appeal ‑ Enforcement
11-11-45 Judgments against counties ‑ Power of board of county commissioners
11-11-46 Payment of judgment obtained by state or an agency thereof against county ‑ Duty of county commissioners and auditor
11-11-47 Tax is paid into judgment payment fund
11-11-48 Property in county not subject to seizure for judgment
11-11-49 Board may offer reward
11-11-50 Former members of armed services' room in courthouses
11-11-51 Petitions to board of county commissioners ‑ Qualifications of signers
11-11-52 Board may provide room for historical society
11-11-53 Appropriation for historical works ‑ Authorization of tax levy ‑ Approval of state historical society and attorney general
11-11-53.1 Donation of historical artifacts
11-11-54 Nonprofit fair corporations ‑ Receipt of real or personal property for fair purposes
11-11-55 County may agree to make improvements on private roads ‑ Costs of improvements to constitute lien on real estate
11-11-55.1 Petition or resolution for improvements ‑ Levy of special assessments ‑ Levy of infrastructure fee
11-11-56 Comprehensive health planning by counties and county funding of areawide comprehensive health planning
11-11-57 Counties may cooperate in predatory animal and injurious rodent control
11-11-57.1 Funds available for predatory control
11-11-58 Programs and activities for senior citizens ‑ Expenditure of funds
11-11-59 Creation of booster station by election
11-11-60 Booster station tax levy authorized
11-11-61 Booster station levy exemptions ‑ Townships not served
11-11-62 County restriction of adult establishments ‑ Definitions
11-11-63 Spouse abuse programs ‑ Expenditure of funds
11-11-64 Bond guarantee fund ‑ Purpose ‑ Limitations
11-11-65 Programs and activities for handicapped persons ‑ Expenditure of funds
11-11-66 Board may establish centennial coordinating committee
11-11-67 Programs and activities of nonprofit organizations that assist the arts ‑ Expenditure of funds
11-11-68 Limitation on authority ‑ Seed
11-11-69 Cooperative purchasing ‑ Authorized
11-11-70 Development by a foreign adversary ‑ Prohibition (Expired effective July 31, 2025)