North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-13

County Auditor

Section Section Name
11-13-01 When county auditor to qualify and take office
11-13-02 Duties of county auditor
11-13-02.1 Duties of county official in rendering services to private individuals, firms, or corporations ‑ Fees to be charged ‑ Disposition of fees ‑ Records to be kept
11-13-03 Auditor's reception book
11-13-04 Auditor is chief financial officer of county ‑ To keep account with treasurer
11-13-05 Verification of cash
11-13-06 Auditor to issue warrants to taxing districts
11-13-07 County auditor to keep tax deed record
11-13-08 Certified copy of tax deed record prima facie evidence
11-13-09 Auditor to furnish copy of proceedings of board of county commissioners to newspaper
11-13-10 Auditor to certify abstracts ‑ Fees
11-13-11 Auditor to prepare plats of school districts ‑ Record
11-13-12 Auditor's certificate of taxes and special assessments on deeds, contracts for deed, plats, replats, and patents
11-13-13 Auditor's record of transfer of title to real property
11-13-14 Auditor's certificate on conveyances to the state of North Dakota ‑ Recording conveyance
11-13-15 County auditor to furnish tax information to mortgagee of lands in county
11-13-16 When county auditor may call special election
11-13-17 Destruction of county records
11-13-18 Reporting name of blind person for which exemption is claimed