North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-14

County Treasurer

Section Section Name
11-14-01 Treasurer eligible two terms only
11-14-02 When county treasurer to qualify and take office
11-14-03 Additional bond may be required of treasurer
11-14-04 Failure to give additional bond
11-14-05 County treasurer to certify abstracts ‑ Fees
11-14-06 County treasurer to receive and pay out county money
11-14-07 Treasurer to keep record of cash
11-14-08 Duties of the county treasurer ‑ Annual settlement
11-14-09 Treasurer's receipts for money received ‑ Copy deposited with auditor
11-14-10 Daily report to auditor ‑ Distribution of funds
11-14-11 Report to township clerks
11-14-12 Statement to township clerk of amount paid to township treasurer
11-14-13 Treasurer's accounts with school districts ‑ Disbursements
11-14-14 Reports of disbursements of funds to school districts
11-14-15 Receipts and warrants to be delivered to school district business manager
11-14-16 When treasurer shall pay over the funds collected
11-14-17 Treasurer not credited with interest paid unless warrant endorsed
11-14-18 Failure of treasurer to make settlement ‑ Auditor to start suit
11-14-19 Treasurer not to speculate in county warrants ‑ Penalty
11-14-20 Loaning county funds ‑ Penalty
11-14-21 County treasurer's final settlement