North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-15


Section Section Name
11-15-01 Sheriff eligible for two terms only
11-15-01.1 Sheriff must be qualified elector and must receive required training ‑ Exception
11-15-02 Sheriff may appoint special deputies ‑ Compensation
11-15-03 Duties of sheriff
11-15-03.1 Salary of county sheriff
11-15-04 Sheriff to execute all process
11-15-05 To exhibit process
11-15-06 Duty of sheriff to serve papers in civil action ‑ When coroner to perform duties of sheriff
11-15-07 County fees
11-15-08 Commissions collected by sheriff
11-15-09 Allowances when plaintiff bids in property at sale
11-15-10 Fees in county court
11-15-11 Sheriff's expense of preserving property ‑ Approval of court required
11-15-12 Sheriff's mileage
11-15-13 Fees to be endorsed on process
11-15-14 Sheriff's fees collectible in advance ‑ Report of fees ‑ Mileage in criminal cases
11-15-15 Penalties for not reporting or turning over fees
11-15-16 Return prima facie evidence of facts stated therein
11-15-17 Liability for failure to execute process
11-15-18 Liability for failure to make return
11-15-19 Liability for failure to pay over money
11-15-20 When sheriff not liable for rescue or escape
11-15-21 Service of papers other than process on sheriff
11-15-22 Service of process on sheriff
11-15-23 Liability of sheriff for appropriating deputy's salary
11-15-24 Transportation of prisoner
11-15-25 Fees for transporting persons committed to custody of department of corrections and rehabilitation or state hospital
11-15-25.1 Fees for transporting persons who have escaped or violated probation
11-15-26 Sheriff to deliver commitment papers to warden and receive receipt for prisoner
11-15-27 General powers of county constable ‑ Fees
11-15-28 Sheriff prohibited from collecting notes ‑ Penalty
11-15-29 Uniform for sheriffs and sheriffs' deputies
11-15-30 Standard uniform established
11-15-31 Uniform surrendered upon termination of employment
11-15-32 Issuance of protection and restraining orders ‑ Duty of sheriff
11-15-33 County law enforcement officer ‑ Jurisdiction ‑ Fresh pursuit