North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-18


Section Section Name
11-18-01 Recorder's duties ‑ Recording and filing instruments ‑ Abstracts
11-18-01.1 Recorder to be substituted for register of deeds
11-18-02 Recorder not to record certain instruments unless they bear auditor's certificate of transfer
11-18-02.1 Duty of recorder to notify county auditor of certain transactions ‑ Correction of tax rolls by county auditor
11-18-02.2 Statements of full consideration to be filed with recorder ‑ Procedure ‑ Penalty
11-18-03 Instruments entitled to record without regard to taxes
11-18-04 Seal of recorder
11-18-05 Fees of recorder
11-18-05.1 Additional recording fees ‑ Severed mineral interests
11-18-06 Recorder to keep an accounting record of fees ‑ Monthly reports
11-18-07 Tract indexes to be kept for transfers and for liens ‑ Form of indexes
11-18-08 Separate grantor and grantee indexes to be kept for transfers and liens ‑ Contents
11-18-09 Document to be numbered ‑ Priority of filing
11-18-10 Recorder to keep reception record ‑ Contents
11-18-11 Recorder to record instruments
11-18-12 Record, when complete ‑ Penalty for alteration
11-18-13 Indexing and filing security agreements
11-18-14 Recorder to remove and destroy certain documents ‑ Records to be made
11-18-15 Notary seal on documents filed with recorder ‑ Stamp or imprint allowed
11-18-16 Buried transmission facilities ‑ Filing notice thereof
11-18-17 Establishment of a county card file system
11-18-18 Request of exact location from owner of facilities ‑ Owner to provide location information
11-18-19 Injury or damage to the facility ‑ Civil cause of action
11-18-20 Card to be used in submitting information to county recorders
11-18-21 Alteration of existing boundary lines by court or arbitrator ‑ Filing of plat required
11-18-22 Document preservation fund
11-18-22.1 Document preservation fund ‑ Recorder reporting requirement to legislative council
11-18-23 Filing or recording documents with recorder ‑ Social security numbers