North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-23

County Budget

Section Section Name
11-23-01 Officers required to furnish commissioners with departmental budget
11-23-02 Auditor to prepare budget of county expenditures
11-23-03 Notice of meeting to act on county budget
11-23-04 Hearing on budget ‑ Taxpayer may appear
11-23-05 Computing amount of levy
11-23-06 Expenditure cannot be made in excess of appropriation
11-23-07 Transfer of money from other funds
11-23-08 Expenditure when no appropriation made
11-23-09 Expenditures ‑ Bills approved ‑ Unexpended balances
11-23-10 Auditor's report of county receipts and expenditures
11-23-11 Penalty for violating county budget provisions