North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-27

Transfer of County Property

Section Section Name
11-27-01 Board of county commissioners authorized to sell property ‑ Private and public sale
11-27-02 Notice of sale when property sold at public sale
11-27-03 Where sale held ‑ Sale to highest bidder
11-27-03.1 Transfer of real property by nonexclusive listing agreements
11-27-04 Reservation of mineral rights
11-27-04.1 County lands may be conveyed to United States free of reservations
11-27-04.2 Reservations may be released to United States
11-27-05 Drilling or mining leases by county
11-27-06 When interest of county in lands conveyed
11-27-07 Proceeds of sale of county property
11-27-08 Board of county commissioners may set aside county tax deed lands for park purposes
11-27-09 Sale of county lands to United States for national forest purposes
11-27-09.1 Federal payments for game and fish lands ‑ Allocation within county
11-27-10 Board of county commissioners may deed back land donated for a special purpose
11-27-11 County may exchange lands on Indian reservation for lands of federal government
11-27-12 Board of county commissioners permitted to exchange lands
11-27-13 Land exchanged transferred by deed