North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-28.1

County Special Service Districts

Section Section Name
11-28.1-01 Board of county park commissioners may establish service districts
11-28.1-02 Plans and specifications required ‑ Approval
11-28.1-03 Hearing ‑ Notice
11-28.1-04 Protest against establishing service district ‑ Hearing to determine sufficiency ‑ When protest a bar to proceeding
11-28.1-05 Assessment of expenses
11-28.1-06 Assessment list to be prepared ‑ Contents ‑ Certificate attached to assessment list
11-28.1-07 Publication of assessment list and notice of hearing of objections to list
11-28.1-08 Alteration of assessments at hearing ‑ Limitations
11-28.1-09 Confirmation of assessment list after hearing ‑ Filing list
11-28.1-10 Publication of notice of confirmation of assessment list and meeting for action upon assessments
11-28.1-11 Aggrieved person may file notice of appeal
11-28.1-12 Board of county commissioners to hear and determine appeals and objections to assessments ‑ Altering assessments ‑ Limitations
11-28.1-13 Confirmation of assessment list by board of county commissioners ‑ Certifying list ‑ Filing
11-28.1-14 Use of collections of assessments
11-28.1-15 Board of county park commissioners may contract ‑ Contents
11-28.1-16 Service assessment funds and the disbursements thereof