North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-28.3

Rural Ambulance Service Districts

Section Section Name
11-28.3-01 Territory to be organized ‑ Petition
11-28.3-02 Election in affected counties
11-28.3-03 Notice of election
11-28.3-04 Form of ballot ‑ Vote required to approve
11-28.3-05 Notice by county auditor of meeting to organize district
11-28.3-06 Organization ‑ Board of directors
11-28.3-07 Regular meeting to be held ‑ Special meeting
11-28.3-08 Powers of board of directors
11-28.3-09 Emergency medical service policy ‑ Levy ‑ Financial report
11-28.3-10 Indebtedness of district limited
11-28.3-11 Funds collected to be deposited
11-28.3-12 Rural ambulance service district may enter contract
11-28.3-13 Boundaries of rural ambulance service district ‑ Dissolution of the district
11-28.3-14 Payments by certain organizations
11-28.3-15 Territory to be annexed
11-28.3-16 Withdrawal from ambulance service district ‑ Restrictions
11-28.3-17 Discharge of financial obligations