North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 11-30

Disorganization of Counties

Section Section Name
11-30-01 Counties may disorganize ‑ Petition
11-30-02 Filing petition ‑ Notice to state auditor
11-30-03 State auditor to make audit of financial conditions ‑ Contents of audit
11-30-04 Notice of election ‑ How given
11-30-05 Ballot ‑ Form
11-30-06 Canvass of votes and return
11-30-07 Vote required ‑ Manner and time of disorganization
11-30-08 Governor to designate county to which unorganized county attached ‑ Purposes of attachment
11-30-09 All offices abolished in disorganized county ‑ Compensation of officers of disorganized county
11-30-10 Officers of organized county act in unorganized county
11-30-11 Officers of organized county bonded for benefit of unorganized county
11-30-12 Compensation of officers of organized county
11-30-13 Records, property, and money of disorganized county transferred to organized county
11-30-14 Title to property vests in organized county as trustee ‑ Use of property ‑ Separate accounts kept
11-30-15 Unorganized county in same judicial district as organized county
11-30-16 Actions transferred to courts of adjoining county
11-30-17 Notices ‑ How posted and published in unorganized county
11-30-18 Unorganized county remains in same legislative district
11-30-19 Levy of taxes in an unorganized county ‑ Funds of unorganized county to be kept in separate fund
11-30-20 Trial of criminal cases after disorganization
11-30-21 Liability of disorganized county on existing obligations ‑ Municipal organizations ‑ Issuance of bonds ‑ Compromises