North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 12.1-21

Damaging Property or Public Services

Section Section Name
12.1-21-01 Arson
12.1-21-02 Endangering by fire or explosion
12.1-21-03 Failure to control or report a dangerous fire
12.1-21-03.1 Negligent act resulting in fire ‑ Penalty
12.1-21-04 Release of destructive forces
12.1-21-05 Criminal mischief
12.1-21-06 Tampering with or damaging a critical infrastructure facility or a public service ‑ Penalty
12.1-21-06.1 Interference with telephone during emergency call
12.1-21-07 Consent as a defense
12.1-21-08 Definitions
12.1-21-09 Tampering with, disabling, or falsely sounding a fire alarm ‑ Tampering with or disabling fire suppression equipment