North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 12.1-23

Theft and Related Offenses

Section Section Name
12.1-23-01 Consolidation of theft offenses
12.1-23-02 Theft of property
12.1-23-02.1 Disarming or attempting to disarm a law enforcement officer
12.1-23-03 Theft of services
12.1-23-04 Theft of property lost, mislaid, or delivered by mistake
12.1-23-05 Grading of theft offenses
12.1-23-06 Unauthorized use of a vehicle
12.1-23-07 Misapplication of entrusted property
12.1-23-08 Defrauding secured creditors
12.1-23-08.1 Removal of identification marks
12.1-23-08.2 Possession of altered property
12.1-23-08.3 Dealing in stolen property
12.1-23-08.4 Duplication of keys
12.1-23-09 Defenses and proof as to theft and related offenses
12.1-23-10 Definitions for theft and related offenses
12.1-23-11 Unauthorized use of personal identifying information ‑ Penalty
12.1-23-12 Jurisdiction ‑ Conduct outside this state
12.1-23-13 Distribution and use of theft detection shielding devices
12.1-23-14 Detention of persons suspected of unlawful use or removal of theft detection devices ‑ Reasonable cause
12.1-23-15 Purchase of beer kegs ‑ Penalty
12.1-23-16 Automated sales suppression device, zapper, or phantom-ware - Prohibition - Penalties
12.1-23-17 Unlawful skimming of credit, debit, or other electronic payment cards - Penalty
12.1-23-18 Definitions
12.1-23-19 Use and possession of re‑encoders and scanning devices ‑ Penalty