North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 12-47

The Penitentiary

Section Section Name
12-47-01 Penitentiary ‑ Location ‑ Purpose
12-47-02 Jurisdiction over penitentiary and affiliated facilities
12-47-03 Who may serve process within penitentiary
12-47-04 Commitment to the legal and physical custody of the department of corrections and rehabilitation is at hard labor
12-47-05 Officers of penitentiary
12-47-06 Appointment of officers
12-47-07 Qualification of warden, officers, and employees
12-47-08 Salary of warden and other officers
12-47-09 Officers to be furnished food supplies
12-47-10 Officers and employees exempt from jury duty
12-47-11 Powers and duties of warden
12-47-12 Warden to make rules
12-47-13 Warden to keep records
12-47-14 Deputy warden ‑ Duties
12-47-15 Absence of warden and deputy wardens
12-47-16 Duties of employees ‑ May not engage in procuring pardon
12-47-17 Offenders committed to department of corrections and rehabilitation ‑ Records to be kept
12-47-18 Director has custody of inmates pursuant to terms of sentence
12-47-18.1 Transfer of persons between correctional facilities
12-47-19 Food of inmates
12-47-20 Beds and clothing of inmates
12-47-21 Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances prohibited ‑ Physician's orders ‑ Use of tobacco ‑ Weapons and firearms ‑ Penalty
12-47-22 Discipline of inmates ‑ Confinement in cells ‑ Communication
12-47-23 Warden to maintain discipline
12-47-24 Penitentiary inmates may be restrained
12-47-25 Punishment for infraction may be alleviated
12-47-26 Uniform kindly treatment of inmates
12-47-27 Transfer of penitentiary inmate to state hospital or other treatment facility ‑ Evaluation procedure ‑ Right to administrative hearing ‑ Written order by warden
12-47-28 Copy of written order by warden delivered to superintendent of state hospital or other facility ‑ Superintendent to receive inmate ‑ Filing of receipt
12-47-29 Recovery of person transferred ‑ Duty of superintendent or officer ‑ Return or release ‑ Allowance on discharge
12-47-30 Expense of transferring inmates to and from state hospital
12-47-31 Discharge of offenders ‑ Clothing ‑ Transportation
12-47-32 Cash payments ‑ Office of management and budget may issue warrant
12-47-33 Warden may issue warrants of penitentiary
12-47-34 Escapes from director's custody ‑ Director may offer reward for recapture ‑ Payment of reward ‑ Use of firearms
12-47-35 Governor may contract for transfer to federal institution
12-47-36 Records exempt ‑ Confidential ‑ Exceptions
12-47-37 Transporting of prisoners
12-47-38 Director to contract for housing female inmates
12-47-39 Definitions ‑ Health care for chronically or terminally ill offenders ‑ Notice to health care facility