North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 12-60

Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Section Section Name
12-60-01 Bureau created
12-60-02 Board of managers ‑ Selection of members ‑ Qualifications
12-60-03 Terms of office ‑ Filling of vacancies
12-60-04 Duty of board ‑ Salaries
12-60-05 Attorney general ‑ Duties ‑ Appointment of personnel
12-60-06 Furnishing of equipment
12-60-07 Powers, duties, and functions of bureau
12-60-07.1 Automated biometric data identification system
12-60-08 Powers of investigators
12-60-08.1 Power of the attorney general to issue subpoenas in bureau investigations
12-60-09 Authorization of attorney general for investigations
12-60-10 Fingerprints, photographs, description of persons charged with felony to be procured and filed
12-60-11 Enforcement officers to send fingerprints and descriptions of felons to the bureau ‑ Report of the bureau to arresting officer
12-60-12 Officer may send fingerprints of persons having certain property in possession
12-60-13 Court to ascertain criminal record of defendant ‑ Furnish information of offense to the bureau
12-60-13.1 County and city officials to furnish crime statistics to superintendent
12-60-14 Violation of chapter ‑ Misdemeanor
12-60-15 Duty to furnish information
12-60-16 Report of arrested person's transfer, release, or disposition of case
12-60-16.1 Definitions
12-60-16.2 Criminal history record information ‑ Reportable events
12-60-16.3 Criminal history record information ‑ Rulemaking required
12-60-16.4 Criminal history record information ‑ Reportable offenses
12-60-16.5 Criminal history record information ‑ Exchange of information among criminal justice agencies and the courts
12-60-16.6 Criminal history record information ‑ Dissemination to parties not described in section 12‑60‑16.5
12-60-16.7 Criminal history record information ‑ Prohibited dissemination
12-60-16.8 Criminal history record information ‑ Required disclosure of certain dissemination
12-60-16.9 Criminal history record information ‑ Fee for record check
12-60-16.10 Criminal history record information ‑ Penalty
12-60-16.11 Criminal history record information ‑ Required action
12-60-16.12 Criminal history record information ‑ Civil action ‑ Penalty
12-60-17 Superintendent to make rules and regulations
12-60-18 Money collected paid into general fund
12-60-19 Cooperation of bureau
12-60-20 Bureau to act as a consumer fraud bureau
12-60-21 State crime laboratory
12-60-22 Provision of laboratory facilities and technical personnel ‑ Request
12-60-23 Bureau to maintain registry of protection orders, orders prohibiting contact, and restraining orders
12-60-24 Criminal history record checks
12-60-25 Lost, missing, or runaway children
12-60-26 School enrollment procedures to aid identification and location of lost, missing, and runaway children