North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 13-04.1

Money Brokers

Section Section Name
13-04.1-01 Administration
13-04.1-01.1 Definitions
13-04.1-02 Money broker license required
13-04.1-02.1 Entities exempted from licensing requirements
13-04.1-03 Application for money broker license
13-04.1-04 Fee to accompany application for money broker license
13-04.1-04.1 Surety bond required
13-04.1-04.2 Minimum net worth required
13-04.1-05 Expiration and renewal of license
13-04.1-05.1 Automatic six‑month extension of license during 2009 calendar year
13-04.1-06 Powers of the department of financial institutions
13-04.1-07 Manner in which records to be kept
13-04.1-08 Revocation of license ‑ Suspension of license ‑ Surrender of license
13-04.1-08.1 Suspension and removal of money broker officers and employees
13-04.1-09 Prohibited acts and practices
13-04.1-09.1 Advance fees prohibited ‑ Exception
13-04.1-09.2 Maximum charges permitted for loans not in excess of one thousand dollars ‑ Refund ‑ Installment payments ‑ Permitted charges
13-04.1-09.3 Maximum charges permitted for loans ‑ Installment payments ‑ Permitted charges
13-04.1-10 Orders and injunctions
13-04.1-11 Investigations, subpoenas, and examination authority
13-04.1-11.1 Response to department requests
13-04.1-12 Remedies not exclusive
13-04.1-13 Penalty
13-04.1-14 Confidentiality
13-04.1-15 Change of name or address
13-04.1-16 Call reports
13-04.1-17 Report to nationwide multistate licensing system and registry
13-04.1-18 Disclosure of customer information