North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 14-09

Parent and Child

Section Section Name
14-09-00.1 Definitions
14-09-01 Legitimacy of children born in wedlock
14-09-02 Children born after dissolution of marriage or before wedlock ‑ Legitimacy
14-09-03 Who may dispute presumption of legitimacy
14-09-04 Custody of legitimate child
14-09-05 Custody of illegitimate child
14-09-05.1 Grandparental rights of visitation to unmarried minor child ‑ Mediation or arbitration
14-09-06 Priority of custody of father and mother
14-09-06.1 Awarding custody ‑ Best interests and welfare of child
14-09-06.2 Best interests and welfare of child ‑ Court consideration ‑ Factors
14-09-06.3 Parenting investigations and reports ‑ Costs
14-09-06.4 Appointment of attorney guardian ad litem for child in proceedings involving parental rights and responsibilities ‑ Immunity
14-09-06.5 Allegation of harm to child ‑ Effect
14-09-06.6 Limitations on postjudgment modifications of primary residential responsibility
14-09-07 Residence of child
14-09-08 Mutual duty to support children
14-09-08.1 Support payments ‑ Payment to state disbursement unit ‑ Transfer of proceedings for enforcement of decree ‑ Procedures upon failure to pay
14-09-08.2 Support for children after majority ‑ Retroactive application
14-09-08.3 Duration of child support obligations
14-09-08.4 Periodic review of child support orders
14-09-08.5 Notice of review of child support orders
14-09-08.6 Obligor's duties upon review
14-09-08.7 Notice of review determination
14-09-08.8 Motion for amendment of child support order ‑ How made ‑ Presumption when obligor's income unknown
14-09-08.9 Request for review ‑ Notice of right to request review
14-09-08.10 Order (Contingent effective date ‑ See note)
14-09-08.11 Eligible child ‑ Employer to permit enrollment ‑ Employer duties and liabilities ‑ Obligor contest (Contingent effective date ‑ See note)
14-09-08.12 Authorization to insurer
14-09-08.13 Application for service
14-09-08.14 Child support agency to establish criteria
14-09-08.15 Reasonable cost of health insurance (Contingent repeal - See note)
14-09-08.16 Requests for information from income payer
14-09-08.17 Delinquent obligor may not renounce claims
14-09-08.18 Health insurance reimbursements received by but not owed to obligor to be paid over ‑ Finding of contempt ‑ Treatment as delinquent child support
14-09-08.19 Child support order ‑ Required interest statement
14-09-08.20 National medical support notice ‑ Child support agency duties
14-09-08.21 Termination of parental rights ‑ Duty of support
14-09-08.22 Enforcement of health insurance coverage from an obligee
14-09-09 Liability of stepparent for support
14-09-09.1 Child support ‑ Wage assignment ‑ Procedures
14-09-09.2 Child support ‑ Alternative procedure to withhold and transmit earnings
14-09-09.3 Child support ‑ Duties and liabilities of income payer under income withholding order
14-09-09.4 Child support ‑ Order for wage assignment or to withhold and transmit earnings ‑ Dissolution, revocation or modification
14-09-09.5 Child support ‑ Judgment or order as lien on property ‑ Duration ‑ Effect
14-09-09.6 Voluntary income withholding for support ‑ Limitations
14-09-09.7 Child support guidelines
14-09-09.8 Out‑of‑state wage withholding orders ‑ Filing requirements
14-09-09.9 Effect of filing out‑of‑state wage withholding order
14-09-09.10 Definitions
14-09-09.11 Income withholding order
14-09-09.12 Provision of notice of impact of income withholding law to obligors
14-09-09.13 Procedure ‑ Notice to obligor
14-09-09.14 Hearing upon obligor's request
14-09-09.15 Form ‑ Effect of income withholding order
14-09-09.16 Service of income withholding order on income payer
14-09-09.17 Amendment ‑ Termination of income withholding order
14-09-09.18 Interstate income withholding ‑ Initiation by this state to other state
14-09-09.19 Interstate income withholding ‑ Duties of the public authority upon receipt of request from another state
14-09-09.20 Interstate income withholding ‑ Notice to obligor
14-09-09.21 Interstate income withholding ‑ Hearing upon request of obligor
14-09-09.22 Interstate income withholding ‑ Form ‑ Service on income payor ‑ Termination of order
14-09-09.23 Administration of income withholding
14-09-09.24 Immediate income withholding
14-09-09.25 Requests by obligee for income withholding ‑ Approval ‑ Procedures and standards
14-09-09.26 State is real party in interest
14-09-09.27 Attorney represents people's interest in the enforcement of child support obligations
14-09-09.28 Application to existing cases
14-09-09.29 Coordination of income withholding activities and child support case management
14-09-09.30 Monthly amount due
14-09-09.31 Child support exempt from process
14-09-09.32 Agreements to waive child support
14-09-09.33 Offsets of child support
14-09-09.34 Lump sum payments
14-09-09.35 Transfers of funds for payment of child support
14-09-09.36 Fee for child support services
14-09-09.37 Allocation of tax exemption for the child
14-09-09.38 Child support obligation of incarcerated parents
14-09-09.39 Income withholding ‑ Information provided to obligor
14-09-10 Reciprocal duty of support for health services ‑ Support of poor
14-09-11 Allowance to parent for support of child
14-09-12 Support ‑ Liability of parent's estate
14-09-13 Neglect of child ‑ Parent liable to third person
14-09-14 When parent not liable for support of child
14-09-15 Support of children after majority
14-09-16 Control of property of child
14-09-17 Child's earnings ‑ Relinquished by parent
14-09-18 Wages of minors
14-09-19 Parental abuse
14-09-20 When parent's authority ceases
14-09-21 Parent and child not liable for acts of other
14-09-22 Abuse of child ‑ Mandatory sentence ‑ Penalty
14-09-22.1 Neglect of child - Penalty
14-09-23 Full faith and credit for paternity determinations
14-09-24 Interference with visitation ‑ Attorney's fees ‑ Enforcement remedies and tools
14-09-25 State disbursement unit ‑ Duties ‑ Continuing appropriation
14-09-26 Modification of existing child support orders
14-09-27 State disbursement unit fund ‑ Continuing appropriation ‑ Correction of errors
14-09-28 Parental custody and visitation rights and duties
14-09-29 Parental rights and responsibilities ‑ Best interests and welfare of child
14-09-30 Parenting plans ‑ Contents
14-09-31 Decisionmaking responsibility
14-09-32 Parental rights and responsibilities
14-09-32.1 Parent's interest in child's upbringing
14-09-33 References to child custody and custodial parent
14-09-34 Electronic remittal of funds withheld under an income withholding order
14-09-35 Missing child - Duty to report - Penalty
14-09-36 Death of a child - Duty to report - Penalty