North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-01

General Provisions

Section Section Name
16.1-01-00.1 Definitions
16.1-01-01 Secretary of state to supervise election procedures ‑ County administrator of elections
16.1-01-02 Applicability of provisions of title
16.1-01-02.1 State policy encouraging employers to establish policy granting employees time to vote
16.1-01-02.2 Special election ‑ Special procedures
16.1-01-02.3 Special election costs ‑ Reimbursement
16.1-01-03 Opening and closing of the polls
16.1-01-04 Qualifications of electors - Voting requirements
16.1-01-04.1 Identification verifying eligibility as an elector
16.1-01-04.2 Residence for voting ‑ Rules for determining
16.1-01-05 Voting by qualified elector moving from one precinct to another
16.1-01-05.1 Voter lists ‑ Addition or transfer of names
16.1-01-06 Highest number of votes elects
16.1-01-07 Constitutional amendments and other questions to be advertised ‑ Notification by secretary of state ‑ Manner of publishing
16.1-01-08 Correcting errors on ballots ‑ Requiring performance of duty ‑ Correcting or prosecuting wrongful performance
16.1-01-09 Initiative or referendum petitions ‑ Signature ‑ Form ‑ Circulation
16.1-01-09.1 Recall petitions ‑ Signature ‑ Form ‑ Circulation
16.1-01-10 Secretary of state to pass upon sufficiency of petitions ‑ Method ‑ Time limit
16.1-01-11 Certain questions not to be voted upon for three months
16.1-01-12 Election offenses ‑ Penalty
16.1-01-13 Term limits for United States senators and representatives in Congress
16.1-01-13.1 Term limits for United States senators and representatives in Congress (Contingent effective date - See note)
16.1-01-14 Statement of intent
16.1-01-15 Secretary of state to establish and maintain an election fund
16.1-01-15.1 Use of nonpublic funds prohibited ‑ Penalty
16.1-01-16 Secretary of state to establish a uniform state‑based administrative complaint procedure
16.1-01-17 Estimated fiscal impact of an initiated or referred measure