North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-03

Party Committee Organization

Section Section Name
16.1-03-01 Party caucus ‑ Time and manner of holding ‑ Caucus call ‑ Notice
16.1-03-02 Who may participate in and vote at caucus
16.1-03-03 Political parties may elect committeemen
16.1-03-04 Candidates elected at caucus ‑ Tie vote ‑ Canvassing vote
16.1-03-05 Vacancies in office of precinct committeeman ‑ Filling
16.1-03-06 District committee of political party ‑ How constituted
16.1-03-07 Meeting of district committee ‑ Organization
16.1-03-08 State committee ‑ Membership
16.1-03-09 Proxies permissible ‑ Exception
16.1-03-10 Member of committee to be qualified elector ‑ Term of member
16.1-03-11 State committee ‑ Meetings ‑ Organization
16.1-03-12 Meeting of district committee to elect delegates to state party convention ‑ Optional precinct caucus ‑ Proxies
16.1-03-13 When state party convention held
16.1-03-14 State party convention
16.1-03-15 Expenses of delegates to national conventions
16.1-03-16 Filling vacancy occurring in office of national committeeman or committeewoman
16.1-03-17 Political party reorganization after redistricting
16.1-03-18 Unfair and corrupt election practices applicable to chapter
16.1-03-19 Organizations allowed to nominate statewide and legislative candidates
16.1-03-20 Political parties may conduct presidential preference caucuses
16.1-03-21 Organizations allowed to nominate statewide and legislative candidates
16.1-03-22 Liability of officers and members