North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-07

Absent Voters' Ballots and Absentee Voting

Section Section Name
16.1-07-01 Absent voter
16.1-07-02 Elector may vote before leaving ‑ No voting in person upon return
16.1-07-03 Preparation and printing of ballots
16.1-07-04 When ballots furnished proper officials
16.1-07-05 Time for applying for ballot ‑ Emergency situations ‑ Sufficient time for application and ballot return
16.1-07-06 Application form
16.1-07-07 Delivering application form for ballot
16.1-07-08 Delivering ballots ‑ Envelopes accompanying ‑ Affidavit on envelope ‑ Challenging electors voting by absentee ballot ‑ Inability of elector to sign name
16.1-07-08.1 Procedures for voting with special write‑in or federal write‑in absentee ballot
16.1-07-09 Canvassing of mailed absent voter's ballot received late
16.1-07-10 Care and custody of ballot ‑ Submitted ballot may not be returned
16.1-07-11 Submitting ballot to inspector of elections
16.1-07-12 Opening ballot ‑ Voting or rejecting ‑ Depositing in ballot box ‑ Preserving
16.1-07-12.1 Absentee ballot precinct ‑ Election board appointment ‑ Ballot counting
16.1-07-13 Registration of absent voters' ballots on electronic voting systems
16.1-07-13.1 Signature mismatch ‑ Verification of signatures
16.1-07-14 Penalty
16.1-07-15 Early voting precinct ‑ Election board appointment ‑ Closing and canvassing
16.1-07-16 Secretary of state to provide information regarding absentee voting for military and overseas voters
16.1-07-17 Notification of rejected absentee ballots cast by military and overseas voters
16.1-07-18 Definitions
16.1-07-19 Elections covered
16.1-07-20 Role of secretary of state
16.1-07-21 Methods of applying for military‑overseas ballot
16.1-07-22 Timeliness and scope of application for military‑overseas ballot
16.1-07-23 Transmission of unvoted ballots
16.1-07-24 Timely casting of ballot
16.1-07-25 Federal write‑in absentee ballot
16.1-07-26 Receipt of voted ballot
16.1-07-27 Declaration
16.1-07-28 Confirmation of receipt of application and voted ballot
16.1-07-29 Use of voter's electronic mail address
16.1-07-30 Publication of election notice
16.1-07-31 Prohibition of nonessential requirements
16.1-07-32 Issuance of injunction or other equitable relief
16.1-07-33 Relation to Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act
16.1-07-34 Emergency procedures to facilitate absentee voting