North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-11

Nominations for Office - Primary Election

Section Section Name
16.1-11-01 Primary election ‑ When held ‑ Nomination of candidates ‑ Nomination for special elections
16.1-11-02 Presidential preference contest ‑ Time for holding
16.1-11-02.1 Presidential preference contest conduct ‑ Mail ballot election
16.1-11-02.2 Presidential preference contest ‑ Requirements
16.1-11-02.3 Presidential preference contest ‑ Rules
16.1-11-03 Political parties authorized to conduct presidential preference contest
16.1-11-03.1 2000 presidential caucus
16.1-11-04 Presidential preference contest
16.1-11-05 Secretary of state to give notice to county auditor of officers to be nominated
16.1-11-05.1 Participation in endorsements for nomination
16.1-11-06 State candidate's petition or political party certificate of endorsement required to get name on ballot ‑ Contents ‑ Filing
16.1-11-07 Presidential candidates on ballot ‑ Filing time
16.1-11-08 Reference to party affiliation in petition and affidavit prohibited for certain offices
16.1-11-09 Form of certificate of endorsement
16.1-11-10 Applicant's name placed upon ballot ‑ Affidavit to accompany petition
16.1-11-11 County candidates' petitions ‑ Filing ‑ Contents
16.1-11-11.1 Deadline for placing county and city measures on primary, general, or special election ballots
16.1-11-12 Applicant's name placed on ballot
16.1-11-13 Filing petition or certificate of endorsement when legislative district composed of more than one county ‑ Certificate of county auditor
16.1-11-14 Application by other persons to place name on ballot ‑ Petition ‑ Affidavit
16.1-11-15 Nominating petition not to be circulated prior to January first - Special election
16.1-11-16 Form of nominating petitions
16.1-11-17 Filling vacancy in party primary election ballot permissible ‑ Petition ‑ Affidavit
16.1-11-18 Filling vacancy occurring in endorsement or nomination by petition for party office
16.1-11-19 Filling vacancy existing on no‑party ballot ‑ Petition required ‑ Time of filing
16.1-11-20 Certified list of nominees transmitted to county auditor by secretary of state
16.1-11-21 County auditor to publish sample primary election ballot and notice of time and place of election
16.1-11-22 Primary election ballot ‑ Form ‑ Voters to vote for candidates of only one political party
16.1-11-23 Presidential preference contest ballots
16.1-11-24 No‑party primary ballot ‑ Contents
16.1-11-25 Preparation, printing, distributing, canvassing, and returning of no‑party ballot
16.1-11-26 Order in which names of offices shall appear on ballot
16.1-11-27 Arrangement of names on ballots
16.1-11-28 Piling, cutting, and blocking ballots
16.1-11-29 Preparation of ballot
16.1-11-30 Separate section on primary election ballot required for each political party
16.1-11-31 Precinct election reports
16.1-11-32 Poll lists kept by clerks of elections
16.1-11-33 Judges of election to run report of primary election ‑ Contents
16.1-11-34 Counting and canvassing of votes in presidential preference contest
16.1-11-35 Nominations by write‑in
16.1-11-36 Vote required at primary election for nomination
16.1-11-37 Vote required for nomination on no‑party ballot ‑ Partisan nominations prohibited
16.1-11-38 Tie vote determination
16.1-11-39 Individuals nominated in accordance with provisions of chapter eligible as candidates in general election
16.1-11-40 Primary election and ballot governed by general election provisions