North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-14

Presidential Electors

Section Section Name
16.1-14-01 Canvassing votes for presidential electors ‑ Tie vote
16.1-14-02 Secretary of state to prepare certificates of election
16.1-14-03 Proclamation of result by governor ‑ Publishing ‑ Certificate of election
16.1-14-04 Meeting of presidential electors
16.1-14-05 Filling of vacancy existing in office of presidential elector
16.1-14-06 Compensation of presidential electors
16.1-14-07 Board for trial of contest of presidential electors ‑ How constituted ‑ Oath
16.1-14-08 Contestant may apply to board
16.1-14-09 Application to state grounds of contest
16.1-14-10 Notice to individuals contested
16.1-14-11 Appearance by parties to contest
16.1-14-12 Hearing ‑ How conducted
16.1-14-13 Certification of determination of board
16.1-14-14 Failure of petitioners to appear ‑ Effect
16.1-14-15 Costs ‑ Taxation
16.1-14-16 Determination of final hearing
16.1-14-17 Mileage and per diem of board members
16.1-14-18 Eligibility of new residents to vote
16.1-14-19 Eligibility of former residents to vote
16.1-14-20 Application for presidential ballot by new residents
16.1-14-21 Mailing duplicate application
16.1-14-22 Filing and indexing information from other states
16.1-14-23 Delivery of ballot to applicant
16.1-14-24 Voting by new residents
16.1-14-25 List of applicants open for public inspection
16.1-14-26 Delivery and processing of presidential elector ballots
16.1-14-27 Application of other statutes
16.1-14-28 Definition of state