North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 16.1-16

Recounts and Contest of Elections

Section Section Name
16.1-16-01 Election recounts
16.1-16-02 Who may contest election
16.1-16-03 Commencement of action ‑ Parties ‑ Status of contestee
16.1-16-04 Time for commencement of action
16.1-16-05 Grounds for election contest
16.1-16-06 Election contest to be tried as civil action ‑ Precedence on court calendar
16.1-16-07 Contest involving irregularity of ballots ‑ Preservation of ballots
16.1-16-08 Judgment in election contest action
16.1-16-09 Appeal of election contest judgment
16.1-16-10 Legislative contest of election
16.1-16-11 Answer to legislative statement of contest
16.1-16-12 Depositions ‑ Subpoenas ‑ Time limits
16.1-16-13 Preservation of ballots
16.1-16-14 Testimony and records filed with secretary of state ‑ Secretary of state to deliver to presiding officer
16.1-16-15 Determination of contest ‑ Certificate of election
16.1-16-16 Fees of officers and witnesses
16.1-16-17 Payment for prosecuting or defending legislative election contest prohibited