North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 20.1-01

General Provisions

Section Section Name
20.1-01-01 General penalty
20.1-01-02 Definitions
20.1-01-03 Ownership and control of wildlife is in the state ‑ Damages ‑ Schedule of monetary values ‑ Civil penalty
20.1-01-04 Attorney general, state's attorneys, sheriffs, and peace officers to enforce game and fish laws
20.1-01-05 Unauthorized methods of taking game birds and game animals
20.1-01-06 Being afield with gun or other firearm or bow and arrow while intoxicated prohibited ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-07 Hunting big game or small game other than waterfowl or cranes with motor‑driven vehicles prohibited ‑ Exception ‑ Motor‑driven vehicle use in transporting big game restricted
20.1-01-08 Hunting with artificial light prohibited ‑ Exception
20.1-01-09 Types of guns lawfully usable in taking raccoon and beaver with flashlight ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-10 Hours for hunting game birds and protected animals ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-11 Hunting and harassing game from aircraft, motor vehicle, or snowmobile prohibited
20.1-01-12 Hiring another to hunt or hunting for another for remuneration unlawful
20.1-01-13 Aiding in concealment of game unlawfully taken or possessed ‑ Unlawful
20.1-01-14 Possession or control of wildlife prima facie evidence of criminal offense
20.1-01-15 Joint violator testifying against other participants not subject to prosecution
20.1-01-16 Common carriers not to transport game or fish except during open seasons
20.1-01-17 Posting of lands by owner to prohibit hunting ‑ How posted ‑ Signs defaced
20.1-01-18 Hunting on posted land and trapping on private land without permission unlawful ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-19 When posted land may be entered
20.1-01-20 Entering posted land with gun or firearm prima facie evidence of intent to hunt game
20.1-01-21 Hunting near occupied building without permission unlawful
20.1-01-22 Hunting game on lands having unharvested crops unlawful
20.1-01-22.1 Hunting on utility lines prohibited
20.1-01-23 Fence gates to be closed ‑ Penalty ‑ Violator's hunting license forfeited
20.1-01-24 Impersonating game wardens unlawful
20.1-01-25 Deposit of refuse unlawful ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-25.1 Tampering with traps unlawful
20.1-01-26 Suspension of hunting, trapping, or fishing privileges ‑ Surrender and return of license
20.1-01-26.1 Hunting, trapping, or fishing prohibited while privileges are suspended ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-27 Disposition of animals killed by motor vehicle
20.1-01-28 Certain game and fish violations noncriminal ‑ Procedures
20.1-01-29 Hearing procedures
20.1-01-30 Amount of statutory fees
20.1-01-31 Interference with rights of hunters and trappers
20.1-01-32 Use of handguns while hunting with bow and arrow or crossbow
20.1-01-33 Exploitation of wildlife ‑ Penalty
20.1-01-34 Crossbow legal weapon
20.1-01-35 Hunting through the internet prohibited - Penalty
20.1-01-36 Suppressor and short‑barreled rifle allowed for hunting
20.1-01-37 Permission required for baiting ‑ Penalty