North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 23.1-04

Hazardous Waste Management

Section Section Name
23.1-04-01 Declaration of purpose
23.1-04-02 Definitions
23.1-04-03 Powers and duties of the department
23.1-04-04 Institutional controls, responsibility exemptions, and regulatory assurances for contaminated properties ‑ Continuing appropriation
23.1-04-05 Hazardous waste regulations
23.1-04-06 Underground storage tank regulations
23.1-04-07 Municipal underground storage tank ordinances
23.1-04-08 Permits
23.1-04-09 Fees ‑ Deposit in operating fund
23.1-04-10 Commercial facility permits and ordinances
23.1-04-11 Disclosure of information before issuance, renewal, transfer, or major modification of permit
23.1-04-12 Inspections ‑ Right of entry
23.1-04-13 Monitoring, analysis, and testing ‑ Civil penalty
23.1-04-14 Imminent hazard
23.1-04-15 Enforcement penalties and citizen participation
23.1-04-16 Applicability
23.1-04-17 Limited liability for subsequent owners of property