North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 23-02.1

Health Statistics Act

Section Section Name
23-02.1-01 Definitions
23-02.1-02 Office of statistical services
23-02.1-02.1 Birth, marriage, fetal death, and death records ‑ Transition to electronic birth registration system and electronic death registration system
23-02.1-03 Director of the office of statistical services and associative duties, state and deputy state registrars
23-02.1-04 Duties of the department
23-02.1-05 Duties of the state registrar
23-02.1-06 Registration districts
23-02.1-07 Duties of local registrars
23-02.1-08 Duties of subregistrars
23-02.1-09 Compensation of local registrars
23-02.1-10 Payment of fees to the local registrar
23-02.1-11 Form of records
23-02.1-12 Date of registration
23-02.1-13 Birth registration
23-02.1-14 Infants of unknown parentage ‑ Foundling registration
23-02.1-15 Delayed registration of birth
23-02.1-16 Delayed registration of death
23-02.1-17 Court reports of adoption
23-02.1-18 New birth records following adoption, legitimation, and paternity determination
23-02.1-19 Death registration
23-02.1-20 Fetal death registration
23-02.1-20.1 Fetal loss
23-02.1-21 Permits
23-02.1-22 Extension of time
23-02.1-23 Marriage registration
23-02.1-24 Court reports of divorce and annulment of marriage
23-02.1-25 Correction and amendment of vital records
23-02.1-25.1 Birth records ‑ Amendments and corrections ‑ Sex change
23-02.1-26 Reproduction of records
23-02.1-27 Disclosure of records
23-02.1-28 Copies of data from vital records
23-02.1-29 Fees
23-02.1-30 Persons required to keep records
23-02.1-31 Duties to furnish information relative to vital events
23-02.1-32 Penalties
23-02.1-33 Short title