North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 23-11

Housing Authorities Law

Section Section Name
23-11-01 Definitions
23-11-02 Creation of housing authorities
23-11-03 When resolution declaring housing authority to be necessary shall be adopted
23-11-04 When authority conclusively deemed established
23-11-05 Commissioners of authority ‑ Appointment, qualifications, tenure, compensation
23-11-06 Chairman of commissioners of authority, appointment ‑ Vice chairman, appointment ‑ Quorum ‑ Majority vote necessary
23-11-07 Powers of commissioners of authority
23-11-08 Employees of authority ‑ Duty of city and state's attorney ‑ Legal assistants
23-11-09 Commissioner or employee may not have interest in housing project or property to be used
23-11-10 Removal of commissioners
23-11-11 Powers of authority
23-11-12 Rentals to be at lowest possible rate ‑ Authority not to be operated for profit
23-11-13 Rentals ‑ How fixed by authority
23-11-14 Rentals and tenant selection
23-11-15 Right of authority to vest certain rights in obligee not restricted
23-11-16 Cooperation between authorities
23-11-16.1 Dissolution of city housing authorities authorized ‑ Procedure ‑ Effect
23-11-17 Eminent domain ‑ Exercise of power
23-11-18 Planning, zoning, and building laws
23-11-19 Bonds ‑ Issued pursuant to resolution ‑ General provisions
23-11-20 Bonds ‑ Types which may be issued
23-11-21 Bonds ‑ Liability ‑ Tax exempt
23-11-22 Sale of bonds
23-11-23 Bonds ‑ Validity when officer who signs bond is no longer in office ‑ Deemed issued for housing project
23-11-24 Provisions of bonds, trust indentures, and mortgages
23-11-25 Certification of attorney general as to legality of bonds
23-11-26 Rights and remedies of an obligee of authority
23-11-27 Additional remedies conferrable by authority on obligee
23-11-28 Exemption of real property from execution sale
23-11-29 Tax exemptions and payments in lieu of taxes
23-11-30 Reports
23-11-31 Houses for workers in national defense and veterans
23-11-32 Cooperation with federal government
23-11-33 Municipalities may cooperate
23-11-34 Powers of housing authority
23-11-35 Definitions
23-11-36 Powers not limited