North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 23-12

Public Health, Miscellaneous Provisions

Section Section Name
23-12-01 Disinfection of secondhand goods
23-12-02 Penalty for not disinfecting secondhand goods
23-12-03 Use of public drinking cup prohibited ‑ Penalty
23-12-04 Permission to establish hospital in residence block of city required
23-12-05 Advertising certain cures and drugs and specialization prohibited ‑ Penalty
23-12-06 Injury to public health ‑ Penalty
23-12-07 Violation of health laws ‑ General penalty
23-12-08 Emergency medical service authorized
23-12-09 Smoking in public places and places of employment ‑ Definitions
23-12-10 Smoking restrictions ‑ Exceptions ‑ Retaliation ‑ Application
23-12-10.1 Responsibility of proprietors
23-12-10.2 Complaints and enforcement ‑ City and county ordinances and home rule charters
23-12-10.3 Exceptions ‑ Medical necessity
23-12-10.4 Responsibility of proprietors ‑ Reimbursement of costs of compliance
23-12-10.5 Construction and severability
23-12-11 Penalty
23-12-12 Federal Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986 applicable in North Dakota
23-12-13 Persons authorized to provide informed consent to health care for incapacitated persons ‑ Priority
23-12-14 Copies of medical records and medical bills
23-12-15 State agency provision of medical equipment ‑ Policy for reuse, recycling, or resale
23-12-16 Right to breastfeed
23-12-17 Workplace breastfeeding policies ‑ Infant friendly designation
23-12-18 Medical facility and provider performance reviews and ratings ‑ Notice
23-12-19 Voluntary participation in the health information organization - Prohibition on withholding care or benefits
23-12-20 COVID‑19 vaccination and infection information
23-12-21 International health regulations
23-12-22 Vaccine adverse event data ‑ Website