North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 23-13

Safety Regulations

Section Section Name
23-13-01 Definitions
23-13-02 Sale of motor fuels ‑ Regulations for handling and dispensing
23-13-02.1 Definitions
23-13-02.2 Operation of self‑service motor fuel dispensing unit
23-13-02.3 Requirements for the operation of self‑service motor fuel dispensing facilities
23-13-02.4 Self‑service units to be equipped with emergency power cutoff
23-13-02.5 Self‑service motor fuel dispensing units to be in view of attendant ‑ Exception
23-13-02.6 Prohibited activities
23-13-02.7 Plans and specifications
23-13-03 Penalty
23-13-03.1 Definitions
23-13-03.2 Liquefied petroleum gas containers ‑ Unauthorized use ‑ Prohibited covering of identification marks
23-13-03.3 Unauthorized possession ‑ Presumptive evidence
23-13-03.4 Exemption
23-13-03.5 Penalty
23-13-04 Doors of public buildings ‑ Construction
23-13-05 Penalty for failure to construct doors of public buildings as required
23-13-06 Owner of land to fill abandoned or disused wells, shafts, and other excavations
23-13-07 Overseer of highways to fill wells on state and school lands ‑ Compensation
23-13-08 Failure of owner to protect mine or well ‑ Duty of overseer
23-13-09 North Dakota state safety committee ‑ Members
23-13-10 State safety committee ‑ Meetings ‑ Purpose
23-13-11 County safety council or director
23-13-12 Handrail in toilet stalls
23-13-13 Buildings and facilities constructed or remodeled after effective date to comply with standards
23-13-14 Sale of metal beverage containers having detachable parts prohibited ‑ Penalty
23-13-15 Smoke detection systems for residential rental property ‑ Penalty
23-13-16 Aboveground storage tanks permitted ‑ Limitations