North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 23-27

Emergency Medical Services Operations Licenses

Section Section Name
23-27-01 License required ‑ Licensing of emergency medical services operations ‑ Exception ‑ Waiver
23-27-02 Definitions
23-27-03 License fees
23-27-04 Standards for operators
23-27-04.1 Emergency care or services rendered by officers, employees, or agents of emergency medical services operations ‑ Physician medical direction
23-27-04.2 Emergency medical services ‑ State assistance
23-27-04.3 Emergency medical services personnel training, testing, certification, licensure, and quality review ‑ Penalty
23-27-04.4 Supervision of emergency medical services professionals - Scope of practice
23-27-04.5 Quick response unit service pilot program
23-27-04.6 Quick response units
23-27-04.7 County reporting ‑ Use of property tax levies
23-27-04.8 Emergency medical services operation communications
23-27-04.9 Administration of vaccinations ‑ Laboratory testing
23-27-04.10 Air ambulance services
23-27-05 Penalty
23-27-06 Criminal history record check
23-27-07 Required formation of rural ambulance service district ‑ Organizational meeting ‑ Exemption ‑ Eligibility for relicensure