North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-02

Director of the Department of Transportation

Section Section Name
24-02-01 State highway department established ‑ Commissioner is head of department
24-02-01.1 Department of transportation ‑ Creation ‑ Transfer of functions
24-02-01.2 Department of transportation and director of the department of transportation to be substituted for motor vehicle department, registrar of motor vehicles, highway department, and highway commissioner
24-02-01.3 Director of the department of transportation ‑ Appointment ‑ Compensation
24-02-01.4 Structure of the department of transportation
24-02-01.5 Department of transportation ‑ Administrative rules
24-02-02 State highway commissioner ‑ Appointment, term, removal, oath, bond, salary
24-02-02.1 Agreement for the construction of the Oahe bridge
24-02-02.2 Authority to contract with adjoining states and provinces
24-02-02.3 Director may enter agreements with tribal governments
24-02-02.4 Agreement for the construction of the Fargo Moorhead metropolitan area flood risk management project impacting the state highway system
24-02-02.5 Rest area cooperative agreement
24-02-02.6 Reciprocal inspection agreements for fabricated products and materials
24-02-03 Responsibilities of commissioner
24-02-03.1 Cooperation of director in matters of national defense
24-02-03.2 Director may protect roads from damage and negotiate settlement for damages
24-02-03.3 Central management system for all state‑owned licensed motor vehicles
24-02-03.4 Transfer of motor vehicles
24-02-03.5 User charges ‑ Incidental revenues
24-02-03.6 Board of higher education fleet committee
24-02-04 Commissioner to devote full time to office
24-02-05 Office hours, sessions, and hearings of commissioner
24-02-06 Chief engineer ‑ Qualifications, salary
24-02-07 Expenses of department employees
24-02-07.1 Engineering scholarships established
24-02-07.2 Contract of employment or repayment a prerequisite
24-02-07.3 Prequalification, selection, and contracting for consultants ‑ Solicitations
24-02-08 Engineering consulting services ‑ Coordinator of highway, road, and street program within state
24-02-09 Departmental budget estimates ‑ Departmental budgets
24-02-10 Biennial report
24-02-11 Records of department open to public ‑ Certain records not open to public ‑ Certified copies
24-02-12 Auditing and payment of payrolls
24-02-13 Payment of estimates on contract or deposits in condemnation
24-02-14 Acts prohibited
24-02-15 Action against employee of department on bond
24-02-16 Basis of contracts for construction work
24-02-17 Contracts ‑ Bids
24-02-18 Reconstruction work without letting contract
24-02-19 Request for bids ‑ How solicited
24-02-20 Bids, where opened ‑ Requirements ‑ Bonds or checks of three lowest bidders retained
24-02-21 Contracts on informal bids ‑ How let
24-02-22 Separate proposals on each type of work
24-02-23 Award of contracts ‑ Bonds
24-02-24 Participating county or municipality to be notified of opening of bids
24-02-25 Payments made monthly to contractors
24-02-25.1 Claims against project ‑ Notice of claim ‑ When filed ‑ Where filed
24-02-25.2 Actions against contractor and surety ‑ Time
24-02-26 Controversies to be arbitrated ‑ Arbitrators ‑ How named
24-02-26.1 Condition precedent to contractor demand for highway construction arbitration ‑ Claims for extra compensation
24-02-27 Arbitration demand ‑ District court may appoint arbitrators if parties fail
24-02-28 Procedure for arbitration
24-02-29 Arbitration may proceed although one party fails to agree
24-02-30 Conditions precedent to demand for arbitration against director
24-02-31 Arbitrators shall determine all controversies ‑ May give directions
24-02-32 Further arbitration permitted
24-02-33 Judgment against director ‑ How collected
24-02-34 Preparation of standard contract forms
24-02-35 Contracts ‑ For road and bridge work and materials ‑ Awarding to residents of North Dakota and giving preference to residents of North Dakota
24-02-35.1 Casual sale of road materials to local governmental units
24-02-35.2 Deposit of sale proceeds ‑ Continuing appropriation
24-02-36 State funds not used on feeder roads
24-02-37 State highway fund ‑ Priorities for expenditure ‑ Use of investment income
24-02-37.1 Special road advisory committee ‑ Special road fund
24-02-37.2 Special road committee
24-02-37.3 Flexible transportation fund ‑ Budget section approval ‑ Report (Retroactive application ‑ See note)
24-02-38 Additional appropriation for administration expenses
24-02-39 Highway department ‑ Building limitation
24-02-40 Short‑term financing
24-02-40.1 Grant or revenue anticipation financing
24-02-41 Department revenues to state highway fund
24-02-42 Scholarships authorized
24-02-43 Intergovernmental cooperation ‑ Infrastructure bank
24-02-44 Authority to borrow funds for a disaster ‑ Appropriation
24-02-45 Cooperative agreements with counties or cities
24-02-45.1 Cooperative agreements with private entities for the construction of certain items on the state highway system
24-02-45.2 Lease agreements with public and private entities for radio tower space ‑ Continuing appropriation
24-02-45.3 Cooperative agreements ‑ Federal transportation-related aid and safety and mobility
24-02-45.4 Cooperative agreement with Theodore Roosevelt national park for the maintenance of roadways off of the state highway system
24-02-45.5 Reimbursable federal electric vehicle infrastructure grants ‑ Agreements with public or private entities for the administration of federal aid programs ‑ Report
24-02-46 Multistate highway transportation agreement
24-02-47 Contracts ‑ Design‑build method
24-02-48 Use of department of transportation airplanes
24-02-50 Criminal record history checks
24-02-51 Federal transportation-related grants