North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-03

Construction and Maintenance of State Highway System

Section Section Name
24-03-01 Preparation and adoption of standard plans and specifications
24-03-02 Authority to construct and maintain state highway system
24-03-03 Construction program
24-03-04 Force accounts in emergencies
24-03-05 Closing of roads ‑ Penalty for passing over road or removing barricade
24-03-06 Method of construction of highway ditches
24-03-07 Drains across state highways
24-03-08 Determinations of surface water flow and appropriate highway construction
24-03-09 Warning signs of road construction
24-03-10 Public officers ‑ Warning sign placement duty
24-03-11 Penalty for failure to erect warning signs
24-03-12 Authority to acquire equipment
24-03-13 Equipment and materials may be purchased without advertising for bids
24-03-14 Authority to acquire buildings for equipment
24-03-15 Sale of obsolescent highway equipment
24-03-16 Inspection and testing of materials
24-03-17 Testing laboratory
24-03-18 Preparation of manuals of methods and procedures
24-03-19 Research on highway development
24-03-20 Traffic surveys
24-03-21 Preparation of road maps ‑ Publication of tourist information
24-03-22 Highway maintenance radio net
24-03-23 Encroachments on state highways