North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 24-08


Section Section Name
24-08-01 Construction of bridges by board of county commissioners ‑ Bids ‑ Rejection
24-08-02 Expense of bridge ‑ How paid
24-08-02.1 County to furnish and pay for culverts on township roads
24-08-03 Bridges ‑ Supervision, repairs, bids, signs ‑ Liability
24-08-04 Bridges part of highway
24-08-05 Petition for bridges across navigable rivers
24-08-06 Board of county commissioners may act with representatives of other governmental agency
24-08-07 Issuance of bonds to meet expenses of construction of bridge
24-08-08 Bridge funds to be turned over to city
24-08-09 Cost of bridge limited
24-08-10 Counties or municipalities may assist in constructing bridge
24-08-11 Plans for bridge when state aid is used in paying cost
24-08-12 Bridge across Yellowstone River in McKenzie County
24-08-13 Liberty memorial bridge