North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 25-13

Blind and Disabled Persons' Activities

Section Section Name
25-13-01 Legislative policy
25-13-01.1 Definitions
25-13-02 Individual with a disability ‑ Service animal ‑ Admission to public places
25-13-02.1 Trainer and a service animal in training ‑ Admission to public places
25-13-02.2 Service animal ‑ Misrepresentation ‑ Penalty
25-13-03 Driver of motor vehicle ‑ Precaution ‑ Individual with service animal
25-13-04 Penalty for interfering or denying use of facilities
25-13-05 State employment of individuals who are blind or otherwise disabled
25-13-06 Killing or injury of service animal ‑ Penalty