North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 26.1-04

Prohibited Practices in Insurance Business

Section Section Name
26.1-04-01 Limitation on right to engage in trade
26.1-04-02 Unfair methods of competition or unfair and deceptive acts or practices prohibited
26.1-04-03 Unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts or practices defined
26.1-04-04 Coercing purchaser or borrower to insure with particular company or insurance producer prohibited
26.1-04-05 Discrimination by life insurance companies and rebates and inducements by insurance producers prohibited
26.1-04-05.1 Visual acuity prohibited as factor in life or accident and sickness contracts
26.1-04-06 Insured persons and applicants for insurance prohibited from accepting rebates ‑ Exception
26.1-04-07 Misrepresentation of terms of policy and future dividends prohibited
26.1-04-08 Rulemaking
26.1-04-09 Authority of commissioner
26.1-04-10 State's attorney to prosecute for discrimination or misrepresentation
26.1-04-11 Immunity from prosecution
26.1-04-12 Hearing
26.1-04-13 Orders and modifications
26.1-04-14 Penalty
26.1-04-15 Judicial review by intervenor
26.1-04-16 Penalty for violating provisions relating to misrepresentation and discrimination
26.1-04-17 Revocation or suspension of insurance producer's license for misrepresentation or discrimination
26.1-04-18 Order does not relieve from other liability
26.1-04-19 Chapter additional to existing law