North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 26.1-33

Life Insurance

Section Section Name
26.1-33-01 Life insurance policy contains entire contract
26.1-33-02 Solicitation of life insurance regulated by rule of the commissioner
26.1-33-02.1 Life insurance policies and certificates ‑ Right to return
26.1-33-03 Form of life insurance policy restricted
26.1-33-04 Single premium and nonparticipating life policies
26.1-33-05 Provisions required in life policy
26.1-33-06 Provisions prohibited in life policy
26.1-33-07 Life policy issued by domestic companies in foreign state may conform to laws thereof
26.1-33-08 Exempted companies
26.1-33-09 Cooperative or assessment life association must identify policies
26.1-33-10 Agreement depriving insured in life policy of right to apportionment of surplus and automatic insurance void
26.1-33-11 Group life policy ‑ Required provisions
26.1-33-12 Group life policy conversion privileges
26.1-33-12.1 Life of a child ‑ Disclosure
26.1-33-13 Variable life contracts ‑ Separate accounts
26.1-33-14 License required for variable life contracts
26.1-33-15 Content of variable life contracts
26.1-33-16 Policy provisions exceptions for variable life contracts
26.1-33-17 Rulemaking authority relating to variable life contracts
26.1-33-18 Nonforfeiture benefits
26.1-33-19 Computation of cash surrender value
26.1-33-20 Computation of paid‑up nonforfeiture benefits
26.1-33-21 Calculation of adjusted premiums
26.1-33-22 Calculation of adjusted premiums ‑ Ordinary policies
26.1-33-23 Calculation of adjusted premiums ‑ Industrial policies
26.1-33-24 Calculations of adjusted premiums by the nonforfeiture net level premium method
26.1-33-25 Nonforfeiture benefits for indeterminate premium plans
26.1-33-26 Benefits on default off the anniversary ‑ Exempted benefits
26.1-33-27 Determination of minimum values after January 1, 1987
26.1-33-28 Exceptions
26.1-33-29 Applicability of life policy simplification standards
26.1-33-30 Minimum life policy language simplification standards
26.1-33-31 Approval of life policy forms
26.1-33-32 Effect of life policy simplification standards on filed policies
26.1-33-33 Life policy transferable
26.1-33-34 Notice of transfer of life policy unnecessary ‑ Exception
26.1-33-35 Insurance in favor of corporation or limited liability company on life of corporate officer or employee or limited liability company manager or employee ‑ Powers of corporation or limited liability company
26.1-33-36 Rights in life policies exempt from claims of creditors
26.1-33-37 Suicide ‑ Determination ‑ No defense to life policy or certificate after one year
26.1-33-38 Measure of indemnity in life policy
26.1-33-39 Life policy ‑ When payable
26.1-33-40 Avails of life policy payable to deceased or to the deceased's heirs, personal representatives, or estate ‑ Exemption ‑ Distribution
26.1-33-41 Designation of beneficiary not affected by wills law
26.1-33-42 Designation of trustee as beneficiary ‑ Prior existence of will not required ‑ Payments ‑ Discharge
26.1-33-43 Commingling of death benefits with trust assets
26.1-33-44 Life insurance policy ownership or retention by trust ‑ Duties of trustee