North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-01

Time for Commencing Actions

Section Section Name
28-01-01 Actions relating to real estate brought by state of North Dakota ‑ Limitations
28-01-02 Actions relating to real estate brought by person claiming through grant from state ‑ Limitations
28-01-03 Actions relating to real estate when state grant judicially declared void ‑ Limitations
28-01-04 Actions for recovery or possession of real property ‑ Limitations
28-01-05 Actions founded upon title to real estate or to rents or services therefrom ‑ Limitations
28-01-06 Actions founded upon entry upon real estate ‑ Limitations
28-01-07 Presumption against adverse possession of real estate
28-01-08 Adverse possession when based upon written instrument
28-01-09 Acts constituting adverse possession based upon a written instrument
28-01-10 Extent of real estate affected by adverse possession not based on written instrument
28-01-11 Acts constituting adverse possession not based upon a written instrument
28-01-12 When possession of tenant presumed to be possession of landlord
28-01-13 Possession not affected by descent
28-01-14 Disabilities extend limitations on actions affecting real estate
28-01-15 Actions having ten‑year limitations
28-01-16 Actions having six‑year limitations
28-01-17 Actions having three‑year limitations ‑ Exceptions
28-01-18 Actions having two‑year limitations
28-01-19 Actions having one‑year limitations
28-01-20 Limitations on actions for forfeitures brought by persons or state
28-01-21 Limitations on actions founded on right of homestead
28-01-22 Limitations on actions not specifically provided for
28-01-22.1 Actions against state ‑ Limitation
28-01-23 Limitations in chapter applicable to state
28-01-24 Limitations on claims for relief fraudulently concealed
28-01-25 Disabilities extend limitations on actions generally ‑ Exceptions
28-01-25.1 Limitation on actions alleging childhood sexual abuse
28-01-25.2 Limitation on claims for sexual assault
28-01-26 Limitation in case of death
28-01-26.1 Survival of claims for relief
28-01-27 Limitation in case of war
28-01-28 Limitation when judgment reversed
28-01-29 Limitation when commencement of action stayed
28-01-30 When limitation for disability available
28-01-31 Limitation for coexisting disabilities
28-01-32 Absence from state tolls limitations ‑ Exception
28-01-33 Actions against directors or stockholders of moneyed corporations or banking associations for statutory penalties or forfeiture ‑ Limitation
28-01-34 Actions upon judgments rendered in courts of state not maintainable without leave of court
28-01-35 Bank notes
28-01-36 New promise must be in writing in order to extend limitation ‑ Effect of any payment
28-01-37 When claim for relief upon open account accrues
28-01-38 When action deemed commenced
28-01-39 Defense of limitations to be taken by answer
28-01-40 Reports of loss through pesticide application required
28-01-41 Contents of verified reports of damage
28-01-42 Cancellation or enforcement of contract for sale of real estate ‑ Limitation ‑ When time begins to run ‑ Commencement of proceedings
28-01-43 Foreclosure of real estate mortgage ‑ Limitation ‑ When time begins to run ‑ Commencement of proceedings
28-01-44 Limitation of action ‑ Person submitting plans for improvements to real estate
28-01-45 Limitation of action against abstracter
28-01-46 Expert opinion required to maintain an action based upon alleged medical negligence except in obvious cases
28-01-46.1 Waiver of privilege for health care providers and informal discussion
28-01-47 Limitation of action for asbestos claims
28-01-48 Action based on real estate transaction duty ‑ Three‑year limitation