North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-04


Section Section Name
28-04-01 Venue of actions relating to real property
28-04-02 Personal actions having venue where subject matter is located
28-04-03 Actions having venue where the cause arose
28-04-03.1 Venue in motor vehicle cases
28-04-04 Venue of actions against domestic corporations and limited liability companies
28-04-05 Actions having venue where defendant resides
28-04-05.1 Venue of trials
28-04-06 Action triable in improper county unless defendant requests change ‑ Exception
28-04-07 Court may change venue ‑ Cases
28-04-08 Effect and transfer of papers upon change of venue
28-04-09 Change of place of pretrial proceedings ‑ Expenses
28-04-10 Change of place of trial ‑ Jury ‑ Expenses