North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-05

Lis Pendens

Section Section Name
28-05-01 Civil action ‑ How commenced
28-05-02 Requisites of summons in actions in the district court
28-05-03 Form of civil summons in district court
28-05-04 Summons and procedure where complaint not served with summons
28-05-05 Action deemed discontinued if complaint not served with summons and not filed within thirty days
28-05-06 Notice of no personal claim
28-05-07 Lis pendens ‑ Effect
28-05-07.1 Lis pendens ‑ Notice ‑ Limitation of ten years
28-05-08 Cancellation of lis pendens
28-05-09 When lis pendens not required
28-05-10 When civil action deemed pending
28-05-11 Filing of summons and pleadings ‑ Time for ‑ Order requiring ‑ Costs on order for