North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-20


Section Section Name
28-20-01 Judgment entered by clerk on order
28-20-02 Notice of entry of judgment served
28-20-03 Rules for rendition of judgment
28-20-04 Relief limited by complaint
28-20-05 Death before judgment
28-20-06 Judgments ‑ Collection from property of decedent
28-20-07 Judgment in action to recover personalty
28-20-08 Judgment may order delivery of possession ‑ Enforcement
28-20-09 Transfer of title or discharge of encumbrance by court
28-20-10 Judgment book
28-20-11 How judgment entered ‑ Notice when entered
28-20-12 Judgment roll ‑ Contents
28-20-13 Docketing judgment ‑ Transcript to other counties ‑ Lien on real property
28-20-14 Release of judgment lien on appeal
28-20-15 Affidavit of identification required before filing of judgments
28-20-16 How judgment docketed
28-20-17 Duties of clerks on filing transcript
28-20-18 Docketing judgments of United States courts ‑ Effect
28-20-19 Docketing of county court judgments ‑ Effect
28-20-20 Assignment of judgment to be entered upon the judgment docket
28-20-21 Renewal of judgments by affidavit (Repealed effective August 1, 2031)
28-20-22 Affidavit of renewal ‑ Where filed ‑ Entry (Repealed effective August 1, 2031)
28-20-23 Lien extended for ten years by renewal (Repealed effective August 1, 2031)
28-20-24 Satisfaction of judgment
28-20-25 Discharge of record
28-20-26 Partial satisfaction
28-20-27 Cancellation of judgment transcripted to other counties
28-20-28 Satisfaction of judgment when creditor cannot be found or satisfaction is refused
28-20-29 Satisfaction of judgment pending appeal by judgment creditor
28-20-30 Cancellation of judgment against bankrupts ‑ Procedure
28-20-30.1 Effect of bankruptcy on judgment lien
28-20-31 Certificate of clerk of bankruptcy court to be prima facie evidence of service
28-20-32 Affidavit of applicant to be served with notice of motion
28-20-33 Mutual judgments set off
28-20-34 Interest rate on judgments
28-20-35 Cancellation of judgment of record
28-20-36 Application of partial payments on judgments