North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-21

Execution of the Judgment

Section Section Name
28-21-01 Execution at any time within twenty years
28-21-02 Stay of execution but not of judgment
28-21-03 Two kinds of execution
28-21-03.1 General execution
28-21-04 Special executions
28-21-04.1 Self‑execution judgments
28-21-04.2 Summary execution on moneys retained pursuant to garnishment
28-21-05 Execution issued to sheriff of counties where judgment docketed
28-21-05.1 Levy with certified copy of judgment
28-21-05.2 Department of health and human services may issue executions for child support arrearages
28-21-06 Issuance and contents of execution
28-21-07 Time of return
28-21-08 Property subject to levy ‑ Manner of levy
28-21-09 Pledged or mortgaged property may be levied on
28-21-10 Officer's proceedings on execution
28-21-11 Levy and sale
28-21-12 Notice of levy ‑ Service ‑ Contents
28-21-12.1 Property delivery ‑ Penalty
28-21-13 Amount levied ‑ When lien on personalty
28-21-13.1 Levy when more than one execution is outstanding
28-21-14 What need not be sold
28-21-15 Payment to sheriff by debtor's debtor
28-21-16 Claim by third person ‑ Sheriff's jury
28-21-17 Execution against principal first
28-21-18 Return of writ by mail
28-21-19 Amercement of sheriff
28-21-20 Amercement of clerk
28-21-21 Measure of amercement
28-21-22 Procedure against officer
28-21-23 Surety of sheriff made party
28-21-24 Officer's reimbursement
28-21-25 Limitation on bond requirements in litigation
28-21-26 Amount payable to sheriff by depository institution or credit union