North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-22


Section Section Name
28-22-01 Property exempt from all process
28-22-01.1 Head of a family defined
28-22-02 Absolute exemption
28-22-03 Additional exemption for head of a family
28-22-03.1 Additional exemptions for residents
28-22-04 Specific alternative exemptions
28-22-05 Exemptions of an unmarried person without dependents
28-22-06 Claim to be made within ten days
28-22-07 How exemptions claimed ‑ Appraisal
28-22-08 How appraisers selected
28-22-09 Oath and duties of appraisers
28-22-10 Selection after appraisal
28-22-11 Spouse or child over sixteen may act
28-22-12 Sheriff's inventory of exemptions
28-22-13 Partnership or limited liability company can claim but one exemption
28-22-14 Property not exempt in action for its purchase price
28-22-15 When only absolute exemptions allowed
28-22-16 Exemptions limited in certain cases
28-22-17 Nonavailability of federal bankruptcy exemptions
28-22-18 Wages ‑ Exemption restricted
28-22-19 Exemptions from legal process ‑ Public pensions, assistance, and awards