North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-25

Proceedings Supplementary to the Execution

Section Section Name
28-25-01 Examination of judgment debtor
28-25-02 Where examination held
28-25-03 Before whom examination held
28-25-04 Witnesses may be called
28-25-05 When debtor may be arrested
28-25-06 Debtor cannot claim privilege
28-25-07 Examination of debtor's debtor
28-25-08 Proceedings applicable to joint debtors
28-25-09 Witnesses ‑ Attendance compelled
28-25-10 Answers on oath ‑ Referee reports to court
28-25-11 Property applied ‑ Wages exempt ‑ Suspension of recreational licenses for nonpayment of defaulted state guaranteed student loans
28-25-12 Receiver appointed ‑ Transfers enjoined
28-25-13 Record of orders
28-25-14 Procedure on adverse claims
28-25-15 Allowance of witness fees and disbursements
28-25-16 Punishment for contempt