North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-26

Costs and Disbursements

Section Section Name
28-26-01 Attorney's fees by agreement ‑ Exceptions ‑ Awarding of costs and attorney's fees to prevailing party
28-26-02 Amount of costs in specific cases
28-26-03 Costs on appeal from county justice
28-26-04 Attorney's fee in instrument void
28-26-05 Costs on foreclosure of liens
28-26-06 Disbursements taxed in judgment
28-26-07 When costs allowed to plaintiff
28-26-07.1 Notice of no personal claim
28-26-08 Costs specially limited
28-26-09 When costs allowed to defendant
28-26-10 Costs in discretion of court
28-26-11 Costs of appeal ‑ When discretionary
28-26-12 Costs on dismissal of action
28-26-13 Interest on verdict
28-26-14 Notice of taxing costs ‑ Verification ‑ Items
28-26-15 Notice of retaxation ‑ Procedure
28-26-16 Taxation reviewed on motion
28-26-17 Costs of postponement
28-26-18 Costs on motion
28-26-19 Taxing costs
28-26-20 Payment of costs against infant plaintiff
28-26-21 Payment of costs from trust funds
28-26-22 Payment of costs against state ‑ Exception
28-26-23 Action in name of state ‑ Costs charged against party in interest
28-26-24 Liability for costs on judgment against assignee
28-26-25 Nonresident must furnish surety
28-26-26 Responsibility of surety
28-26-27 Dismissal when surety not given
28-26-28 Surety on becoming nonresident
28-26-29 When additional surety demanded
28-26-30 Judgment against surety
28-26-31 Pleadings not made in good faith