North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 28-27

Appeals to Supreme Court

Section Section Name
28-27-01 Appeals to supreme court
28-27-02 What orders reviewable
28-27-02.1 Order shall describe papers on which made
28-27-03 Appellant and respondent defined ‑ Title to action on appeal unchanged
28-27-04 Time for appeal
28-27-05 How appeal taken
28-27-06 Clerk to transmit papers
28-27-07 Record on appeal
28-27-08 Additional time to prepare record
28-27-09 Appeal ineffectual without undertaking
28-27-09.1 From whom undertaking not required unless ordered by court
28-27-10 Deposit for undertaking ‑ Waiver
28-27-11 Execution not stayed without undertaking
28-27-12 Undertaking to stay execution for delivery of personalty
28-27-13 To stay execution of conveyance
28-27-14 Undertaking to stay execution ‑ To sell or deliver realty
28-27-15 Undertaking to stay abatement of nuisance
28-27-16 Undertaking to stay other executions
28-27-17 To stay intermediate orders
28-27-18 Undertaking on orders as to provisional remedies
28-27-19 From whom undertaking not required unless ordered by court
28-27-20 When new undertaking required
28-27-21 Undertakings in one instrument or several
28-27-22 Determining amount and effect of undertaking ‑ Notice ‑ Supreme court may make order
28-27-23 Sureties must justify
28-27-24 Effect of perfected appeal ‑ Perishable property
28-27-25 Reference to ascertain damages ‑ Breach of undertaking
28-27-26 Amendment of appeals
28-27-27 Motion for new trial not necessary
28-27-28 Errors on face of record and intermediate orders reviewable
28-27-29 Power of supreme court on appeals
28-27-29.1 Orders separately reviewable on appeal
28-27-30 Clerk to remit record and decision
28-27-31 When new trial ordered ‑ Time limited
28-27-32 Appeals in all actions tried to the court without a jury
28-27-33 Printing of abstracts not required
28-27-33.1 Supreme court to establish rules regarding briefs
28-27-34 Filing of briefs
28-27-35 Briefs
28-27-36 Opinions of court to parties
28-27-37 Affirmance or dismissal upon default
28-27-38 Rehearing
28-27-39 Petitions for rehearing ‑ Form of
28-27-40 Costs for briefs