North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 29-05

The Complaint and Warrant of Arrest

Section Section Name
29-05-01 What complaint must state
29-05-02 Who must make complaint
29-05-03 Magistrate may examine complainant
29-05-04 Accused arrested without warrant
29-05-05 Witnesses other than complainant
29-05-06 When a warrant of arrest to be issued
29-05-07 Warrant defined ‑ Form
29-05-08 Requisites of warrant ‑ Contents
29-05-09 Direction and execution of warrant
29-05-10 Peace officer defined
29-05-11 Duty of officer if offense charged is felony
29-05-11.1 Duty of peace officer to enter warrant
29-05-12 Bail if offense charged is a misdemeanor or infraction
29-05-13 Procedure when bail taken
29-05-14 When bail is not given
29-05-15 Misdemeanor within magistrate's jurisdiction ‑ Procedure
29-05-16 When complaint sent to magistrate not issuing warrant
29-05-17 Requirements of warrant for accused from other county ‑ Complaint to accompany
29-05-18 Accused taken to proper county ‑ Delivery of complaint with the accused ‑ Depositions
29-05-19 Procedure if offense is misdemeanor
29-05-20 Unnecessary delay after arrest prohibited ‑ Attorney visitation
29-05-21 Officer not liable to arrest while in charge of a person arrested
29-05-22 Giving bail deemed waiver of examination
29-05-23 Warrant transmitted by telegraph
29-05-24 Duty of officer transmitting warrant
29-05-25 Warrant returnable in county where issued ‑ Telegraphic copy deemed original ‑ Misdemeanor or infraction
29-05-26 Arrest directed by telegraph
29-05-27 How an order by wire executed ‑ Procedure
29-05-28 Summons against corporation
29-05-29 Form of summons
29-05-30 Service of summons against corporation
29-05-31 Uniform traffic complaint and summons
29-05-32 Release of information contained in complaint or warrant