North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 29-10.1

Grand Jury

Section Section Name
29-10.1-01 Grand jury defined ‑ Formation ‑ Functions
29-10.1-02 When grand jury may be called
29-10.1-03 Judge to summon grand jury
29-10.1-04 Petition for grand jury ‑ Petitioners ‑ Number ‑ Session
29-10.1-05 Challenges by state, when, and causes
29-10.1-06 Challenge may be oral or written
29-10.1-07 Challenge allowed or disallowed ‑ Entry by clerk
29-10.1-08 Challenge allowed ‑ Procedure
29-10.1-09 Jury discharged if challenge to panel allowed
29-10.1-10 Challenge to panel after indictment presented
29-10.1-11 Court to appoint foreman and vice foreman
29-10.1-12 Oath of grand jurors
29-10.1-13 Court shall charge grand jury ‑ Duty of court to advise
29-10.1-14 Retirement of grand jurors
29-10.1-15 Clerk appointment by grand jurors ‑ Duty
29-10.1-16 Reporter ‑ Transcript
29-10.1-17 Selection of jurors
29-10.1-18 Expenses
29-10.1-19 Subpoenas
29-10.1-20 Filling vacancies
29-10.1-21 General duties of grand jury
29-10.1-22 Subjects of grand jury inquiry
29-10.1-23 Grand jurors entitled to access to prisons and public records
29-10.1-24 Member must report known offense and must give evidence
29-10.1-25 Oath or affirmation to witness
29-10.1-26 Reception of evidence
29-10.1-27 Exculpatory evidence
29-10.1-28 Who may be present during sessions of grand jury
29-10.1-29 Duty of state's attorney
29-10.1-30 Secrecy of things said and votes ‑ Limited disclosure by certain persons and under certain conditions
29-10.1-31 When juror may disclose testimony upon order of the court
29-10.1-32 Grand juror cannot be questioned
29-10.1-33 When indictment ought to be found
29-10.1-34 Finding indictment ‑ Number of jurors required
29-10.1-35 Presentment of indictment to court by foreman
29-10.1-36 Persons indicted ‑ How arrested
29-10.1-37 Jurors to be discharged upon completion of business
29-10.1-38 Transcript demand ‑ Waiver of transcript and preliminary examination, when
29-10.1-39 Violation constitutes contempt