North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 29-21


Section Section Name
29-21-01 Order of trial
29-21-02 Order of trial may be changed for cause
29-21-03 Court to decide questions of law
29-21-04 Jurors generally determine only facts
29-21-05 Presumption of innocence ‑ Acquittal on reasonable doubt
29-21-06 Doubt as to degree of crime
29-21-07 Persons jointly accused of crime jointly tried ‑ Exceptions
29-21-08 Defendant discharged to testify
29-21-09 Discharge to be witness for codefendant
29-21-10 Such discharge an acquittal ‑ Bar to further prosecution
29-21-11 Defendant witness in own behalf
29-21-12 Rules of evidence
29-21-12.1 Statements, admissions, or confessions procured by duress, fraud, threat, or promises inadmissible in any criminal action
29-21-13 Forgery ‑ Proof on trial
29-21-14 Testimony of accomplice ‑ Corroboration required
29-21-15 Mistake in offense charged ‑ Other proceedings
29-21-16 Mistake in charge not former acquittal nor putting once in jeopardy
29-21-17 Trial on original charge after mistake
29-21-18 Juror knowing fact ‑ Witness
29-21-19 Want of jurisdiction appearing ‑ Jury discharged
29-21-20 Disposition of accused on discharge of jury
29-21-21 Admission to bail
29-21-22 Certified copies of papers sent to proper county by clerk
29-21-23 When accused discharged
29-21-24 Proceedings if accused arrested
29-21-25 Court must discharge accused ‑ Exception
29-21-26 Jury may view place
29-21-27 Custody and conduct of jury
29-21-28 Court must admonish jury
29-21-29 Counsel's argument restricted
29-21-30 Instructing the jury ‑ Procedure
29-21-31 Instructions to be read
29-21-32 Fees for court reporter's instructions
29-21-33 Charge ‑ Exceptions before given
29-21-34 Defendant may be committed
29-21-35 Death or illness of juror ‑ Procedure
29-21-36 Substitute for state's attorney
29-21-37 Court may advise jury to acquit
29-21-38 Pleadings not evidence in criminal action