North Dakota Century Code

Chapter 29-28


Section Section Name
29-28-01 Review proceedings by appeal ‑ Writ of error abolished
29-28-02 Who may appeal
29-28-03 Appeals are matter of right
29-28-04 Designation of parties on appeal
29-28-05 Appeal by one of several defendants
29-28-06 From what defendant may appeal
29-28-07 From what the state may appeal
29-28-08 Time for appeals in criminal cases
29-28-09 Manner of taking appeal ‑ Notice
29-28-10 Personal service impossible ‑ Publication
29-28-11 When appeal deemed taken
29-28-12 Appeal by state ‑ Effect
29-28-13 What judgments superseded by appeal ‑ Certificate of probable cause
29-28-14 Certificate of probable cause issued ‑ Duty of sheriff
29-28-15 Execution suspended during pendency of appeal
29-28-16 Stay on appeal ‑ Custody of defendant
29-28-17 Certificate of appeal taken and bail put in ‑ Duty of sheriff
29-28-18 Transmission of papers to supreme court
29-28-19 Printing of transcripts or briefs not required
29-28-20 Irregularity in substantial particulars ‑ Notice
29-28-21 An appeal must not be dismissed for informality
29-28-22 Appeal stands for argument at first term
29-28-23 When verdict or judgment must be affirmed ‑ Reversal
29-28-24 Number of counsel heard
29-28-25 Defendant need not appear in supreme court
29-28-26 Technical errors to be disregarded on appeal
29-28-27 Court may review intermediate orders
29-28-28 Power of supreme court on appeal
29-28-29 New trial ordered ‑ Where had
29-28-30 Judgment reversed without new trial ‑ Defendant discharged ‑ Disposal of bail
29-28-30.1 Verdict affirmed ‑ Must be enforced
29-28-31 Judgment affirmed must be enforced
29-28-32 Judgment of court entered ‑ Certificate
29-28-33 Certificate remitted ‑ District court only has jurisdiction
29-28-34 Imprisonment, reversal, reimprisonment ‑ Deduction of time already served
29-28-35 Appeal by state ‑ Power of supreme court